Storing Iceberg Lettuce

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What is the proper way to store?

Storing Iceberg Lettuce

Prior to storing iceberg lettuce, take the core out of the head. You can either cut it out or with the core side down, firmly hit it against your countertop. The core should twist right out.

Keep the lettuce in the refrigerator. Use an airtight storage container or special vegetable storage bags that keep it fresher longer. If you use pre-cut, pre-washed iceberg lettuce, store it in an airtight container and use within 3 days.



3/9/2007 3:50:48 PM
Doris said:

Haven't tried coring lettuce before storing but I've found wrapping one paper towel around the unwashed head and storing it in a plastic bag seems to keep iceberg fresher longer.

6/13/2011 6:12:47 PM
edj said:

Thanks! That is the information I was seeking.


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