Try Grocery Shopping Online

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Where can I buy groceries online?

Try Grocery Shopping Online

Do you dislike grocery shopping at this time of year? Are the roads too congested? Does the wait in the checkout seem to take forever?

Why not look into grocery shopping online? There are quite a few places to get grocery staples on the Internet such as:

Some of the above offer national delivery, others offer only local delivery. Please check the availability in your area.



9/2/2009 1:18:13 PM
Momsquad said:

Im in Minnesota and only works. Try ! If you spend more than $50 on your grocery order, it is only $5 for order and delivery! And, NEXT day delivery! You can have same-day delivery for $9.99 if emergency. Also, you do not have to be home and they leave your groceries in insulated coolers! They pick them back up next time they delivery. They have an excellent website that track your shopping history and lists. They even have a page where you can pick from menus and with one click you can have all the ingredients added to your shopping list!! They email you weekly specials (this week one of the sale items is a free pound of ground beef with a $100 order). All manufacturer coupons are accepted too. Anyway, check it out!


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