Know Your Store's Coupon Policy

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How can I save more using coupons?

Know Your Store's Coupon Policy

Did you know many stores accept competitor's coupons?

Some great examples:
The Entertainment Guide usually has coupons good for $5 off a $50 purchase at Winn Dixie. Take that $5 coupon to Publix, KMart, or Albertsons (whomever has the best sale that week) and they will take the $5 off of your $50 or greater purchase there.

Winn Dixie periodically offers a $2 off a $20 minimum purchase. Publix will accept these too with a $20 purchase before coupons. I try to use free coupons to bring the total up to $20, then use the $2 off coupon.

The bottom line is to know the policy, then clip those store coupons.



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