How Much Deli Meat to Plan for a Party?

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How much deli meat should I plan on?

How Much Deli Meat to Plan for a Party?

A question was asked recently about how much deli meat to plan for a party. Here's my response:

The answer to your question depends upon a few variables:

*Is this a dinner or a lunch? (People expect more and eat more at dinner)

*Is the deli meat the main source of meat or are there other meat dishes such as swedish meatballs, shrimp rings, wings, etc.? (You'll need less deli meat if there's other alternatives)

*Is there a lot of other foods served with this such as veggie trays, snacks, side dishes, etc.? (Even if the deli meat is the only meat, if you have a lot of sides you can go for a lower per pound amount per person)

Without knowing this, the standard I have found from my sources are to plan on 1/4 to 1/3 pound of deli meat per person. Adjust accordingly based upon the above questions. If there are other "meats" being served aim for the 1/4 pound mark, if this is the main meat and you're serving sandwiches aim for 1/3 pound or slightly more per person. If you are going to "err", do so by having too much rather than too little.



10/17/2006 10:55:55 AM
Debbie said:

thanks, I have to plan a luncheon and was not sure how much deli meat to buy, this was a great tip, thanks

3/24/2007 5:10:30 AM
Danielle said:

Thank you we are having a party for our children and weren't sure how much meats to buy.

2/10/2015 8:59:09 AM
Franner said:

I would add, if it's an all male group then I'd say use the 1/4 lb calculation.


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