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Where should I store bread?

Bread Boxes a Thing of the Past

Do you use a breadbox? Have you ever gotten a slice of bread out, only to realize there's mold growing on it? That's enough to ruin one's appetite.

Mold grows well in dark and slightly damp places. If you live in the Southeast where there's a lot of humidity you're in the right environment for mold growth. Put your bread in a breadbox and you've got a mold incubator.

Instead, keep your bread wrapped in a plastic bag or airtight container and eat within 2-3 days. If it will take you longer to eat your loaf, you may consider freezing the extra portions until you need them. Better to be safe than worry about those fuzzy gray/white/green spots on your bread.

How can I store my bread?

Freezing Bread

You can freeze bread for quite a long period of time. I tend to purchase the 3-loaf package (at about the price of 1-2 loaves) and freeze them. It also makes it easier when spreading peanut butter and jelly. If you make your lunches the night before the bread will have plenty of time to defrost before lunch the next day.

How do I pick out pasta?

Pasta-Look At The Packaging Carefully

Have you ever opened a package of pasta only to be appalled by small bugs (weevils)?

Sometimes infected packages affect others nearby. Other times stock is not rotated as frequently as it should be.

When shopping for packaged pasta gently shake the package so that the see-through section is on the bottom. Look to see if there's any sign of bugs. If not then it's safe to buy. If so- notify the manager of the problem.

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