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Where can I get a free grocery list?

Here's another excellent grocery shopping list:
(scroll down to the bottom of the page)

This one lists out the items for you and then you "check off" the ones you need. There's even spaces to add items.

How can I save time grocery shopping?

Make Lists

Grocery shopping can be done in less time if you are organized. Post a needed items list somewhere in the kitchen (a bulletin board or the fridge work best) so that family members can add items as supplies get low.
Then you can compare these items against your "master shopping list".

Where can I find a printable grocery list?

Free Grocery

If you go to the above link, you will find a free, printable grocery shopping list courtesy of This list has categories with numerous items available to check off at the store.

Where can I buy a coupon organizer?

Price Planner Coupon Organizer

There's an attractive yet extremely functional coupon organizer out there called the Price Planner. If you go to you can view a picture of it. It looks like an everyday planner, yet it's designed with coupons in mind.

As described on the website, the "Priceplanner is a smart, compact, durable and easy-to-use coupon organizer, price comparison book and day planner all in one! Loaded with money saving features, Priceplanner will help you maximize your savings - even without coupons!

Where can I find a printable grocery list?

Free Grocery List- offers a simple grocery shopping list. It lists basic categories with common items and allows a few empty lines under each category for add-on items. It looks like if something is needed you circle it. There is no space around each item to mark quantity needed.

Where can I find a printable grocery list?

Free Grocery List-

Airhelper has a nifty grocery list for shoppers. You register at the site, login, and actually build your list.

They have grocery categories to choose common items from. (Scroll down their page a little to see these.) This list also includes blank lines to input your own items that aren't there to choose from. Once you are done checking items, name your list, place in a folder and push "Build A Current List With All The Checked Items."

That will bring you to a page where you can input the following items:
Price (handy for those keeping a price list)
Coupon (check if you have a coupon for this item)

You can amend this list or create a new one if you'd like. After you are finished, the list can be printed or e-mailed. This is a fantastic service and it's FREE!!

Do I need a grocery list?

Grocery Lists Keep You on Track

It's a good idea to use grocery lists. That way you will only buy what you truly need and won't spend money on impulse buys.

Where can I buy groceries online?

Try Grocery Shopping Online

Do you dislike grocery shopping at this time of year? Are the roads too congested? Does the wait in the checkout seem to take forever?

Why not look into grocery shopping online? There are quite a few places to get grocery staples on the Internet such as:

Some of the above offer national delivery, others offer only local delivery. Please check the availability in your area.

Where can I get a grocery list?

EasyMinder Resuable Grocery Shopping List

Here's a neat grocery shopping list by EasyMinders.

For $4.95 you can order a pre-printed, laminated, re-usable grocery shopping list that contains over 300 different items in 25 categories.

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