Bigger Isn't Always Better

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How can I get the best price?

Bigger Isn't Always Better

We as consumers commonly believe that buying in bulk is always cheaper. This is not always true. I have memberships to Sam's Club and Costco. Many times the prices work out to be the same as in my store. Why not buy what I need from my store AND be able to use a coupon? (Sam's/Costco do not accept coupons).

Do you really need a 100-oz jar of peanut butter? Will you use it before it goes stale? It may be a great deal, but if you throw half away the deal isn't so good anymore. Just something to consider.

Another example is baby formula. My local TRU has the 14.1-oz can of Similac for $9.19. The 30-oz can is $19.99. Which is cheaper? .6517/oz or .6663/oz. I was surprised to see the bigger can priced more expensively. Just be aware.



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