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What is correct coupon etiquette?


There are manners to be displayed when using coupons.

Please be polite to your cashier. You get better service when you're kind instead of rude.

When purchasing items with "free coupons" it helps to write in the price of the item in the price box of the coupon while shopping. This saves time at the checkout. Along the same lines, if the cashier looks at the slip to verify the price of the item every time, you might want to consider placing all the free items at the end of the belt so lookup is easier.

Keeping coupons facing the same direction will save time when the cashier scans them. Also place "free item" coupons at the top of the stack because these take the most time if they need to verify the price.

Do not try to pass expired coupons unless it's the store's policy to accept them.

If the cashier refuses to accept a coupon and it should be rightfully accepted, politely ask for the supervisor or store manager. Calmly tell them about your loyalty to the store (if you are) and explain why you feel it should be accepted. Most of the time the supervisor will approve it. If they do please thank them for their time.

Following these few simple tips may make your next shopping trip quicker and easier.



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