Save Money on Groceries-Frugality

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Save Money on Groceries-Frugality

Don't use the last bit of anything when you are doing the cooking, save just a little for next time, in case you don't make it to the store in the next day or two, or if you are "between paydays".

For example, you have just one stick of butter, one onion, a half pound of bacon left in the refrigerator (or a half pack of carrots or celery) or just a third of head of lettuce. Use the "next to last” three or four carrots or celery, cut the onion into half or thirds, use all but one or two slices of bacon, use half to 2/3 that stick of butter. Don't worry that that last bit will go to waste, it won't, just save it.

Next time you need something to flavor the green or pinto beans (bacon or onions), the chicken soup (that last carrot or celery stick, etc., or just a "pat of butter" for flavoring something you are cooking-- you won't be "out" resulting in a special trip to the store for just one item. The lettuce you could make a very small salad just as an appetizer to go with soup ("stretches" the appetizer and the main meal) -- but you would still have the last few "leaves” and hopefully a "tad bit" of onion to "dress up " that tuna salad!



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