Double/Triple Coupon Promotions

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How can I save more using coupons?

Double/Triple Coupon Promotions

Be aware that there are stores that offer to double and triple the value of your coupons. These stores can save you money if you use coupons frequently. However, some things to be aware of are:

*Item limits (you may have 10 coupons for an item to make a great deal, but the store may limit items to 2)

*Coupon limits (as a gimmick to get you in, stores may advertise double/triple coupons, but then only offer the savings on 6 coupons per purchase)

*Some stores may only double/triple up to a certain face value. You may have a coupon for .75 and $1. If the stores double up to .75, then use the .75 (doubled) to take $1.50 off and save the $1 off for another purchase.

*Know your coupon terms as some coupons state Do Not Double (DND).



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