Reducing Your Bill or Getting Paid to Use Coupons

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How can I save more using coupons?

Reducing Your Bill or Getting Paid to Use Coupons

You can actually reduce your bills even further using coupons. Find a coupon that's good on ANY SIZE of a product. (be sure that there are no exceptions with trial sizes, etc.) Buy the smallest size available (normally travel size) and the excess ends up being applied towards the balance of your checkout bill. For example, say you hold a $1 coupon good on any size of a shampoo. That shampoo can be found with the travel sizes at a price of .69. When you check out, the $1 coupon comes off the total leaving a .31 credit balance that is applied towards your total.

*Note, verify your store's coupon redemption policy first. Each store has different rules.



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