How Do You Thaw Frozen Cheese?

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How do I thaw frozen cheese?

How Do You Thaw Frozen Cheese?

I got your email about freezing cheese, but how do you thaw it? Thanks!

Thanks for writing. If you know a few days ahead of time that you will be using the cheese, take it from the freezer and thaw in the fridge. (It does help if you shredded or grated your cheese prior to packaging and freezing). If you are thinking of using the cheese at last minute, I recommend just buying a new package for that meal. I DO NOT recommend leaving it at room temperature all day long to thaw because of the risk of bacteria buildup and possible food illness. Also I DO NOT recommend thawing in the microwave because it changes the consistency of the cheese to a rubber-like texture or it melts it into a gooey mess if you aren't watching closely. Thanks for your question.



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