Where Can I Find Alcohol Delivery Service?

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Where can I buy alcohol online?

Where Can I Find Alcohol Delivery Service?

Where can I find alcohol delivery service?

You did not specify whether you are interested in wine or hard liquor. I personally do not buy alcohol online, however by doing a search on either "liquor" or "alcohol" should get you some results. Just read the fine print because not all stores ship everywhere, or it could be considered illegal in the state you live in to receive liquor from over state lines.

Here's some links:



10/4/2006 11:57:17 AM
kelli said:

yeah, i dont know what im commenting on really but I have a GREAT idea. i think that there should be at least one liquor store that delivers until at least 2am. you always want more alcohol when you're already drunk but no one can drive and get it. so yeah, i think US citizens country wide would be very glad to have this service.


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